Us By Night is a unique nocturnal experience. Our combination of an inspiring lineup and an endless night-market are guaranteed to provide 3 nights you can’t miss. Come for the talks, stay for the experience. Explore the arcade, a wide range of local and delicious food, get tattooed or play some fluorescent ping-pong.


More than 70 artists from all around the world will gather one perfect November weekend in Antwerp.


Antwerp, Belgium.
Check out the venue page for details.


Thursday 22rd, Friday 23th and Saturday the 24th of November 2018. Doors open at 4PM, keynotes start at 5PM. Final keynote at 11PM. A ticket is always for the complete 3 days. Don’t worry about being hungry, eat the finest food on our market!


We want to provide you with unforgettable and inspirational nights, from talented people all around the world.


Hurrah for Team UBN! Basic whoiswho and contact information can be found here.