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The prima donna of the 3D community, Cinema4D, is an amazing product created by Maxon. Together with them, we’ve filled some learning slots (Jonas PilzGreyscalegorillaNikita Diakur & Peter Eszenyi) on our Tutorial Stage and the following heroes on the Main Stage: Territory Studio & Alex Czetwertynski!


Your favourite digital pencil is most likely a Wacom. Ours sure is! Prepare to get schooled by their team of skilled magicians, new trick for everyone! Hats off for FISK Imaging & antCGI!


The biggest suite in the house; Creative Suite! Our pals at Adobe are curating a chunk of the tutorial stage, with your favourite heroes; Lo Siento, Studio BLUP and Leta & Wade.


Our besties, our Dutchies. Together with Leon we’ve looked for those special keynotes and installations. Come see the amazing work by Curt Enderle, the extravagant visuals by Field  and besides those, they’ve also brought Polymorf to the table (not for the faint of heart!).


Belgium’s premier gaming conference. Get your level-up on their 2019 edition, or on the Tutorial Stage with some cheat-codes to create your own stuff! Gamers presenting for duty are Gilles vandenoostende & Demis Holvoet!

Creative Network

Creative Network is a portfolio platform for creative freelancers & agencies. Join more than 400 active members in offering your talents to a enormous network! Thanks CN for providing expertise and Paul Boudens, Base, Vrints Kolsteren and Mirror Mirror! So much Belgian talent <3