Wieger Poutsma

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From the moment manipulating photographs and creating illustrations became a digital process artist Wieger Poutsma was massively fascinated by it. For the past 29 years, being a first generation digital artist, Wieger specialized in digital image manipulation and the creation of synthetic imagery (CGI) and combinations of these two forms.

Through his many years of experience in the field of digital imaging and his unmistakable signature Wieger became one of the top artists in his field. As lead artist and founder of his boutique post production studio FISK-imaging Amsterdam he collaborated with an array of national and international photographers like Erwin Olaf en David LaChapelle creating work for clients like Nike, Google, Shell, Heineken, Coca Cola, Mc Donalds, Microsoft, Philips, Unilever, Samsung, Vodafone, Tommy Hilfiger, KLM, MTV, Royal Dutch Airforce, ABN/AMRO, Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Besides these core activities, that place Wieger in the field of tension between new developments, experimental techniques, creative challenges and deadlines, he is also Brand Ambassador for Wacom Europe and Next Limit Technologies Maxwell render and Realflow. Together with this partner he gives keynote speeches and organizes masterclasses, workshops and private trainings for the purpose of inspiring and motivating people.