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Evelina and Carl Kleiner are image makers and lovers based in Stockholm, Sweden, where they practice still life photography (mostly). Evelina has a BA in fashion design from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm but quickly decided that, as dead things complain less, they’re far easier to work with. Carl studied Graphic Design in Stockholm but dropped out when he realised he’d rather decide what to create himself, than the teachers’ assignments. Since 2010, they have been collaborating on both raising their children and producing photo series with clients such as Ikea, Hermes, Herman Miller, Mercedes, Calvin Klein, Swarovski, Google, Stella Artois, Wallpaper*, Wall Street Journal, The Gourmand, AnOther Magazine and The New York Times.

Despite countless interesting experiments, they often return to their signum of colour, simplicity, humour and visual tricks. Often their aim is to bring objects or raw materials to life, giving them personality or character. Or, equally, the complete opposite: to make objects or the world seem more abstract.

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