Peter Villevoye

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Peter has backgrounds and experiences in numerous media areas. They range from theatrical lighting to building websites, and from professional voice-overs to 3D printing – he leaves no area untouched. He played with cameras and tape decks as a kid in the seventies, and started his digital and graphical career in the early eighties. He has always been at the forefront of design tools.

Over the decades he became famous for his seminars, courses, articles, and workshops about print and digital design. Thousands of professionals in graphic design, marketing, and media production have experienced his key training principle: “never a dull moment”. He also attributes tons of valuable answers about design on forums like Adobe en Quora. Recently, he stepped up to another level of design and started delivering UX courses and workshops.

He is an “Adobe Certified Expert & Instructor” in almost all Adobe applications, and Adobe has also appointed him as a “Community Professional & Industry Influencer”. But all these statuses aside, Peter simply loves to talk about whatever he comes across at the crossroads between design and technology.