Jaime Alvarez

cute and classy designs intended to communicate tender-, playful- and happiness Madrid Read more

Mr. Kat & Friends is a character driven world created by Jaime Alvarez Sobreviela. His cute and classy designs are intended to communicate tenderness, playfulness and happiness.

We are introduced to this universe by Mr. Kat, a black and white curious feline that loves to sleep and play. His closest friends are the fluffy cat Vanilla and mystic Cosmic Panda. Evolving around and beyond these three you will find all kinds of charming creations such as an unstoppable heart struck by an arrow, a flock of little yellow birds, a majestic marshmallow lion and many more!

Jaime focuses mainly on animals and skulls and his love for 3d took him to bring these designs to life through resin, wood and fiberglass.