Tutorial Stage - Chris Schmidt, Director 3D Product Development for Greyscalegorilla Chicago Read more

Chris Schmidt is a Cinema 4D obsessive, 3D artist, educator, and software developer who creates tools and tutorials for Greyscalegorilla.

Chris has been soaking up all things Cinema 4D since 2000, continuously sharing his encyclopedic knowledge with a large community of artists that he helped foster. He has introduced countless beginners to C4D with his free video introduction series on, and his many online tutorials help newcomers and professionals alike. Chris has covered topics ranging from character rigging and advanced dynamic process to Sketch & Toon and technical motion graphics techniques.

Chris also co-founded the long-running user group “Chicago C4D” which brings artists, students and the studios of the Chicagoland area together to celebrate 3D in motion design. He also helped launch the world-renowned “Half Rez” Event, the Midwest’s largest annual motion graphics conference.

Chris has worked and consulted on various main title and end credit sequences including Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Dumb & Dumber To, and Krampus.