Atelier Brenda

focussing on graphic design, creative direction and spacial design Ostend + Brussels Read more

Brenda is a creative studio focussing on graphic design, creative direction and spacial design. The studio emerged in 2012 and it is the alter ego of independent designers Nana Esi and Sophie Keij. Both designers are based in Belgium and work remotely from different locations; Nana is based in Ostend, Sophie is based in Brussels.

Their work mainly includes the creative and conceptual development and design of identities, record sleeves, exhibition design, websites and publications. Their output in design started with research into spacial installations. They have experience in scenography and installations. They are ambitious young designers, each with a unique background. Main theme in their work is playing different roles and like to add a pinch of nostalgia.

In 2016 they teamed up with studio Amélie Bakker for the design of the new identity for The Beursschouwburg in Brussels. Partnerships and collaborations have been a recurring practice. Nana for instance, is art director at label and former radio station, Stroom.