Amira Daoudi

developing visual identities and creating personal storylines

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Amira Daoudi, graphic designer and art director, lives and works in the capital of Europe, Brussels. It is in this tangled world of identities that she specializes in the creation of film posters. Since her artwork for the Academy Award Nominee ‘Bullhead’ in 2010, her portfolio continues to expand, as she now leads Studio Daoudi, an international creative communication company. Amira Daoudi studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts Sint-Lukas in Belgium. For Ms. Daoudi, the creation of a film poster is “a labour of passion”. She says she loves to experiment and find a way to distill into a single image the film’s atmosphere, aesthetics, story and message along with all the other elements that go into the making of a screen work.

In 2015 Amira’s first solo exhibition ‘From Film To Poster’ took place. She released a graphic novel that same year. In 2016, her company began developing the brand new identity of Brussels’ Royal City Theater, KVS and continued to do so up until now. Along with her design work for film and theater projects, she worked on the MAPping Brussels performance of KVS and presented a movie of the Cinema Canvas open-air projection. Alongside all these things she has experience as a guest lecturer on graphic design at several universities, and uses her knowledge of films while participating in a jury at multiple film festivals. In 2014 she seated at the MOOOV-jury, in 2015 she joined the Student Shorts jury at the Film Fest Gent and most recently she was a jurymember for the Flemish Competition at the International Short Filmfestival in Leuven.