Let’s talk trash! Creativity has the power to change the world.

Design is about solving problems, or communicating certain needs. In the world we live in today, electronics play a big part in how we go about our day. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, … You probably have 2 or more items with you right now while reading this.

Waste in general is a crude reality. Electronic waste has a significant amount in this. We as an organisation want to do what we do best; get creative!

We launched a call to all our keynotes, asking them to bring any old electronics they might have lying around. We’re calling it “Repurpose your darlings”. That favourite mouse, a tiny switch, the second phone filling their drawer for over 3 years now, those 5 UTP cables that their sysadmin has made obsolete implementing WiFi, … You get it.

A unique experiment can take shape: we invite you to bring something you think can be repurposed, to help somebody grow in their skills! Show us the love for nature and helping people!

photography by Griet Hendrickx